Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Evolution of Human Mind - A Mysterious and Wonderful Phenomena . .

There is no peace in the society. There is no peace in the family. There is no peace in the individual’s mind. We encounter lot of workplace disputes, conflicts among the employee and between the employee and the organization’s administrations. Politics and the Economics of the entire world are filled with confusions and fluctuations. Why?  What does it imply?

There are approximately 600 crore people in the world. It may be somewhat higher. This fact literally means that there are 600 unique characters in the world. Everyone is individual in character, behavior and actions.  A woman or man differs from the other in the following aspects mainly:-

1. Learning method (Eg: learning from an incident, experience, education etc)
2. Idea formation (process of creating an idea about a specific entity, for example, about a movie, person or a book)
3. Attitude (It is the inborn or inherent tendency of human mind)
4. Behavior (How one acts in a situation based on his / her attitude)
5. Perception (This is the process of how a person sees an object or situation and formulates idea in the mind. This is closely related to idea formation and experience)

It should be noted that the above aspects are interconnected and inseparable since they are psychological processes.

Hence, a person be from any part of the world will try to be different automatically / spontaneously / unconsciously in most of the circumstances depending upon their age, education, culture and experience and related factors. The theory of Dr. Darwin proposes that man has evolved from animals. The evolution of physical appearance is over but the evolution of human mind is not over, it is still on. It hasn’t come to end. This is the reason why we could see overwhelming number confusions and conflicts in the all areas of human society and human mind. As a matter of fact, all the problems of life indicate that the mind is evolving and progressing to an end that is a Perfect state. In philosophical terms, it could be called as Perfection of mind or Perfection of Consciousness.  Hence, till reaching that perfect state, all problems of human society – the psychological disorders, family disputes, industrial disputes, and socio-economic problems are essentially inevitable. I predict that it will take 1000 years roughly to reaching the perfect state for mankind. On that period, everyone would understand each other clearly and come to an agreement and the very meaning of society would be accomplished. Then, the social life will be based on compassion, love, mutual help and cooperation. All the miseries of mankind would vanish.

This discussion also implies a mysterious and wonderful secret. Human body would appear and disappear in the world in the name of birth and death. We are born and die. Our body disintegrates and mixes with respective organic group. But the mind continues from generation to generation as a continuous chain process. It is ever-existing. The notable point is mind continues from generation to generation with enhanced capacity and intelligence which I call the evolution of mind. As a proof, I give - If you notice the young chaps of 2015(born between 1995-2015) , they are more intelligent, multi-tasking, and impulsive and have quicker grasping power which means mind is progressing linearly upwards from the parents to progeny. This is called The Evolution of Human Mind.



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