Sunday, November 15, 2015

Psychological Disorders - A Real Challenge of 21-st Century . .

Human life is a wonder. We the human beings reached this time period (2015) after a very long process, known as Evolution. The process of evolution itself is a miracle and we can compare this process with a huge tree that contains innumerous branches i.e., innumerous species. Up to the point of emergence of human beings from animals, there was no trouble. Animals were just ‘animals’.  When it is humans, the problem begins. Since we are Social animals, as stated by Aristotle, who can’t live as individuals and always, directly or indirectly, depend on the contribution of our ‘fellow human beings’ for our need and survival.

There is several numbers of ‘breaks through’ in the human history. For instance, World War I and II had entirely changed the history i.e. the attention and human efforts have been majorly diverted from the agriculture and other domestic services to the science and technology which time demanded that time. Science is progressing in one direction which claims that it has improved the standard of living of people. But, on the other side, miseries are also on the rise.

Psychological disorders are one among the miseries that ruin the families. In the developing countries like India, still family is the fundamental unit of the society. Medical science has really become so advanced in case of physical illnesses. But this time we have got our problem from totally an unexpected direction. The problem is -different types psychological disorders are very difficult to cure and even to control.  It is a real challenge to the medical scientists, not in the sense that they can’t invent medicines or therapies to address the mental illness. It is a real challenge to the mankind because it needs an integrated approach to manage any kind of mental ailment – clear understanding from the family members, financial condition, support from relatives and work and finally government.  I personally witnessed allopathic medical system is the best and recommended one to maintain any psychological problem under control. Along with the proper medicines, follow up, counseling sessions – One can almost lead a normal life – but which is barely possible practically speaking.  There are wide ranges of mental disorders, to name few, OCD, Personality disorders, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and Hysteria and so on.  In the onset of disorder, I hope, Homeopathy medicine system which originated in Germany might be very useful. But once the disorder comes to the middle or later stages, it is only of little help or can act only as supplementary.  I predict that psychological disorders, in the future, will be highly difficult for the mankind, talking as a whole, to manage effectively – at least for the coming 100 years. Scientists, most of the time, report the causes of mental problems might have it base in genes.  Whatever the reason may be, I can, without any doubt, say that psychological disorders are the real challenge to the human society – ruining from the fundamental level, the family to macro economic and social level. On my part, I provide a solution here. A combination of the following will work out effectively:

1)   Psychiatric drugs or Homeopathy medicines if necessary in the case.
2)   Counseling sessions specific to the disorder
3)   Support from the family members which demands preliminary psychological education. 
4)   Support from the government - well functioning centres for occupational therapy, special attention to psychiatric disorders and similar services.
5)   Coordination of Experts involved – Psychiatric doctors, Psychologists, Social workers and Counselors etc, who are morally accountable for.

If anyone of the above entity is missed, the improvement of the patient will go ineffective and prone to irregular follow up. In such a case, we can’t anticipate any improvement or cure, we will see only maintenance.



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  1. Good da.. Is there any detailed article which narrates the reasons for psychological disorder? Also what is more important while bringing up a child...


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