Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Friends . . . . Spare a minute . .

Dear friends . . !  Look at the present society. We are living in a society which is, day by day, becoming restless and chaotic.  There is no ray of hope in the near future. What happens to the judiciary system which is the ultimate hope of common man ? Needless to say about the politicians !  Administrators and Government servants, a few realized the sufferings of people but they are unable to help the people beyond a certain limit. Others have totally lost themselves in bribery and corruption. 

In other side, ‘the business world’ is haunting the people everyday with their variety of products and services. Oh! How beautifully they design their advertisements !  But people, without any thinking and actual need,  fall prey to these advertisements and lose grip of their pockets.  I agree various products and commodities are necessary for life. But What about the primary needs and respective need-satisfying products?  Does anyone think about the agriculture? Does anyone think about a labour who works on a meager salary for livelihood?  What do you think about the medical expenses a middle class family incurring?  Now a days, Hospitals became simply money robbery systems in india. Who is responsible? Government or people?   Selling medicines is highly profitable business today.  Business graduates and Scholars would say that the country’s economy is booming. Then, why confusions increase linearly in the society? By the word confusions, I mean for example increasing cost of living, never-increasing  salary of the employees, corruption in the administrative and education system,  cheating in the name education and medical system which once upon a time adored as holy professions and what not.  There are many more untold sufferings of common men in today’s society.

Where has the culture gone?  Who is responsible for instilling the culture in young bud’s mind?  Parents spend the whole for earning money. Teachers themselves hail from a society which is already polluted in all respects.  So, there is no use in talking about the teachers who ought to teach the culture.  Variety of mediums such as television and magazines, internet mostly give importance to cinema news.  Cinema takes a major role in spoiling the young minds by showing the  obscene dance movement and dialogues.  I  will tell you a small example from tamilnadu. There is a small  book being published in TN for Rs 5/-. Its name is Time pass vikatan. Please have look at pictures in that book.  Let me give give you another example to point out the level of culture of youngsters whom claimed to be the pillars of india.  Just see how they drive two wheelers or four wheelers in the road.  The people who cross the road may be anyone, a elder man/woman, a child, a patient or uneducated village men.  But I, invariably, notice youngsters don’t have patience to wait  and act impulsively in most of the circumstances. 

My friends . .  My object is not to blame anyone. I call upon you all to think about the problems of our society and take some strong remedial measures to cure them.  When I repeatedly talk about the society, somebody may feel irritated. But society is nothing but the collection of individuals – you, me, your father,mother, sister ,friend and our neighbours .  Then there is no doubt its our responsibility. Suddenly, we cant do any magic I know. But the correction starts from the individual. 

With Love,


  1. Wonderful thoughts my dear friend lingeshwaran



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