Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Relationship between Quantum Physics and Yoga . .

Yoga, the most misinterpreted word the in the philosophical as well as common world, is the best and appropriate means to bring the world peace. The real meaning of yoga being the communion of human mind with the omnipresent force, adored as God and the realization of the oneness of mankind.

A keen observation on the society reveals that it is always subject to changes in terms of cultural aspects and technological advancements. In particular, scientific awareness could be noticed among the young generation people and pupil and also in common men. Still, mankind struggles without peace at all levels. A proper study and understanding of yoga provides a valuable clue for bringing peace in this scientific era. According to yogic philosophy, all appearances (living beings, non-living beings, planets etc) are the association of atoms, the elementary particles. On the other hand, modern science invented that the same all appearances are composed of various elements (basically carbon, nitrogen, sulphur) and further divided into molecules, atoms and finally electron, proton, neutron. The aforesaid particles are called as Basic energy particles in common notation. Science delineates various properties of these particles but still puzzles and stagnates without finding the origin, source that supplies force to them. An extensive reading and analysis shows that there are significant texts in philosophy relating to the answers to these questions. Jainish philosophy and Saangiya philosophy is found with few explanations related to formation of atoms and evolution of universe (Source: Manimegalai).  

A Contemporary philosopher of India, Vethathiri Maharishi, worked in detail and carried out long term research about the basic energy particles and its formation and evolution human beings & universe. All his works are based Indian Siddhar literature and self-effort and intuition. For example, virtual particles are found in the space but it pops up and suddenly disappears in the space. This phenomenon confuses the quantum physicists. Another example: Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-analysis describes two inherent functions of mind attraction & repulsion. These concepts can be well connected and correlated with Vethathiri Maharishi philosophy. But still, his works are lack with empirical proof and mathematical calculations. A systematic and proper education of yoga (specifically nature of all elements, molecules and atoms and its origin) would untie the secrets of science and this effect will gradually resolve the societal, economical and psychological problems that prevails in the society. Consequently, the oneness and integrity of mankind would be spontaneously realized by the all people in the world. The ultimate result would be the accomplishment of World Peace.

For the readers of science backdrop, I provide here few scientific principles and theories which can be correlated and resolved together keeping Vethathiri Maharishi’s ideas as assumptions and basis. It is the usual trend of science that if the assumption stated in beginning comes around the results achieved from the experiments, then the assumptions are accepted as facts. If not, the assumptions are rejected. The same means could be followed in Vethathiri Maharishi ideas. Vethathiri Maharishi states that the energy particle emerges from the pure space. The space possesses a ‘Self-compressive force’. It means the space itself is self compressive force. He otherwise calls it ‘Gravity’. Space itself emerges as energy particle or crushes within itself and starts to spin as a minute spherical shaped particle. It spins with huge rotating speed in the initial stage of its formation.  This energy particle is known as electron in (initial) forming stage and when its speed reduced over the period of numerous years, it is known as proton and neutron.
In accurate terms, electron/proton/neutron are none other than space – a very small, spherical shaped, self-rotating fraction of space. Because of the self-compressive force, it keeps rotating and revolving but reduces in speed over time. Every energy particle exerts a pressure in its surrounding by dissolving itself / losing it intensity. This process produces a repulsive force. Every energy particle’s centre is acting as Gravitational force while its dissolution causes a repulsive force (pressure). Deeply thinking, the one and same space alone acts a dual role – gravitational force & repulsive force. Higgsboson, God particle, Neutrino, Meson, Photon, Quarks and similar particles that are discussed in the current science are only the outcomes of energy particle’s repulsive force. That is,  during the spinning of a particle – the particle (i.e. the space itself) dissolves in the surrounding space as pressure. This is what is identified as Higgsboson, God particle, Neutrino, Meson, Photon, Quarks and similar particles. The same is what is identified as Virtual particles in Quantum Mechanics. Commonly, these are vibrations in the space. Some of the existing principles that could be analyzed in connection with Vethathiri Maharishi theory are:

  1. Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  2. Theory of relativity.
  3. Brownian motion of particles.
  4. Blackbody radiation.
  5. Ernest mach atomic theory.
  6. Black holes.
  7. Kinetic theory of gases.
  8. Photo-electric effect of light.
Many of these principles come under the Quantum physics. Another thing is that further intensive and rigorous experimental research is needed to prove Vethathiri Maharishi concepts.

P. Lingeswaran , Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

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