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Structure of Mind proposed by Vethathiri Maharishi...


Mind consists of three parts viz Conscious mind, Sub-conscious and Unconscious mind. This fact is well known to and accepted by scientists. Vethathirian Philosophy  introduces a new concept called Super-conscious mind into this existing framework of mind. It describes the significance of Super-conscious mind/state which is the basic source of all mental activities. In this article, the link between super-conscious mind with other three parts are also discussed. This article is a preliminary attempt to bring the Vethathirian philosophy into the scientific planes for view of scientists and psychologists.

Key words: Super conscious mind,  Repressed thoughts, Semen cells, Absolute space, Pure consciousness, Energy.

Vethathiri Maharishi, a philosopher of Tamilnadu has worked out intensive research in the various and multiple aspects of human mind. Though he is known to be a philosopher, it can be noticed from his works that he was very clear about the way he was proceding i.e, scientific way of exploring. He realized that any kind of new theories whatever exciting or appealing it may be, will be overlooked by the scientists when it deviates from the corridors of science.

Based on his philosophy, Human mind is classified as follows:

1.      Peripheral mind
2.      Sub-conscious mind
3.      Unconscious mind
4.      Super-conscious mind

Peripheral mind is concerned with the day to day activities of mind. It works with the help of senses and limbs. Peripheral mind is what we look from outside. In simple terms, it is the reaction of mind to the external world through senses and limbs. Without peripheral mind, there is no perception.
Eg: reading a magazine, answering a question.

Sub-conscious mind is the storage of memories and experiences which have been obtained by means of peripheral mind or otherwise through perception. Sub-conscious memories and experiences are easily recollected to conscious state. Little effort may sometimes be needed. Brain is the key organ for the functioning of sub-conscious mind. Of course, every body cell and brain cell is necessary for the existence and functioning of mind.

Unconscious mind, as deeply and elaborately discussed by Sigmund Freud, is the core part of human mind that influences the human personality. All our thoughts and experiences get stored in the unconscious mind in addition to storing in subconscious mind. They are hardly inaccessible and difficult to remember. Vethathiri Maharishi adds, in addition to that, all the thoughts and experiences get stored in each and every cell of body and brain cell especially stored strongly in semen cells. All our repressed thoughts and experiences (that are contradictory to moral codes posed by society and painful experiences) are contained in unconscious mind. Though every cell (gene molecule) contains the repressed thoughts, its core and controlling center is the semen cells (i.e., gene molecules of semen cells). According to Vethathiri Maharishi , repressed thoughts whether it is consciously done or unconsciously done will keep disturbing the mind and body apparently or atleast minutely. These unconscious thoughts and experiences will get released and cause any kind of physical or psychological disease corresponding to the intensity of the thoughts. This process occurs precisely in appropriate time. Needless to say, a thought will seek the help of body cells (i.e. senses and limbs) to its materialization and execution.

Super-conscious mind – It is the point where Vethathiri Maharishi puts forward a distinct and strong concept of mind distinguishing himself from all philosophers, psychologists and scientists including Sigmund Freud. Super conscious state of mind is the Basic state of mind. It is pure state of mind, pure consciousness and the absolute space. Super conscious mind is in the form of complete energy which is imperceptible to the level of human perception and even to the measurement of any precise scientific instruments. It is the source which supplies energy to the mind and physical activities. Super conscious state of mind is the beginning point of mind and , being the energy form, it extends itself as mind i.e. peripheral mind, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. Mind is the continuum of super consciousness that connects and operates all the cells of human being. Mind is the unbroken chain of energy that emanates from super conscious state. Super conscious mind is singular and same for every human being in the world.


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P.Lingeswaran, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

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