Saturday, September 14, 2013

What is Life...?

We were born one day and going to die one day. That is we shall leave the world one day without anything. In between, the time is called Life. We make relationships during our life time.If one keenly observes the day-to-day life, it is known that everyone's life is overwhelmed with plenty of troubles and hardships. We suffer from many physical and mental disorders. 

Who wished to be born?  We ourselves didn't. Who wishes to die? We don't. Though the progeny(children) is produced by means of the sexual coitus of parents, they didn't intend to produce a child with 'so called name'. It is simply the result of love. Aging,of course,is the natural process. Then, who makes us aged day by day? 

A meticulous observation of the functioning of our physical body reveals that there is a power beyond our control. Look at the sky. Each and every planet (including sun and moon) rotates in its orbit without error.Look at the situations and problems we face in every day life. Generally, we plan in our life for some results keeping in mind certain ideas and expectations.Do estimate how far our calculations and planning came true as we expected or imagined. Most of the time, we have been coming up with unexpected results and turning points which are directly opposite to planning and expectation. So, Whom is the control of our life with?  For example from practical life, one can apparently notice that Job and Marriage are major cornerstones and turning points in the life. We will settle comfortably in both job and marriage but directly opposite to our imagination and wish. All these miracles happen between birth and death.

Philosophers and religious believers say that it is the planning of God. Atheists propose that it is none other than the natural process. A clever fellow can understand from the both statements that they are pointing out a power or force. Then, Which is that force?  Why it makes people born and death and put into a trap called life full of troubles and finally wraps up? The only gain in the life is that  we obtain sensory pleasures and experiences. That too, when leaving the earthly abode, will not accompany us. So, What is the purpose of life?

My modest opinion and idea is that we should find out the force or power which is behind our life and beyond our control, within our life span. Other than that, whatever the places we achieve is meaningless and will not quench thirst of mind. That is to find out the truth - the sole purpose of human life.

- Lingeswaran.

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