Thursday, September 26, 2013

Swami Vivekananda and Kamalhasan...

It is my long time desire the life story of Swami Vivekananda be made in any Indian language preferably in Hindi. Vivekananda popularly known as a Hindu saint not only attempted to reform the society but also struggled to unify the mankind through his philosophy. His philosophy mainly focuses on the oneness of the mankind. He had acquired thorough knowledge in all philosophies of various saints of India and globe. He demised before several years but still he is the role model for youngsters and motivates them conceptually. His death is also still a mystery.

For any film to succeed, the key factor is an interesting and well-packed screenplay. Director Maniratnam is such a screenplay writer. This is the A B C lesson of making any type of film. Many directors of today forget this fact. Maniratnam can give a rich outlook and enhance the film to the International standards. My dream film team consists of the following experts:

Film title                         : Vivekananda.
Casting                           :  Kamalhasan and other actors.
Direction & Screenplay  : Maniratnam.
Music                              : A.R.Rahman.

I personally prefer Ilaiyaraja as music composer for this project. But the society is always dynamic. Its trend and taste have changed drastically. So I choose A.R.Rahman for music. I hope he would be able to give glamorous outlook and international standard to the film by his musical extravaganza. 

Kamalhasan, one of the most versatile actors of India, is an opt actor to play the role of Swami Vivekananda. His facial structure and physique perfectly or more or less matches Vivekananda. Basically, kamal is a social thinker. He always reveals himself as a social thinker. He expresses his social concern in all his films and even in films with comedy plot. (Indian) Society is always full of atrocities and unfair practices in social and economical and political planes. One could notice his anger towards the chaotic conditions of the society in his dialogues. Many are unaware that kamal is an excellent screenplay and dialogue writer. One more strong reason to choose kamal for Vivekananda, I must admit, is that I am his fan. Because there could be other existing actors or new artists for that role.  Still I consider kamal is best choice for this role because three objectives social thinking, excellent acting capacity and appropriate physique to that role would justify his selection.

This idea may, perhaps, look childish to the readers. But it has been lingering in my mind for many years. Now I have expressed it to the world. Let my psychical vibrations spread in the space and knock the mind of concerned people. One day, my dream shall come true.


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  1. Good thinking na... Ya you are correct. If Maniratnam, Kamal, ARR join then that film will be a good treat for audience. Kamal will be very perfect for Vivekananda role. It would be good to make a movie of such a genius because now a days, people are not reading books. But they will watch movies. So It will help for the next generation to know about Vivekananda :-) Lets see...


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