Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ph.d - A Simple Introduction.

Ph.d - Doctor of Philosophy, a fascinating and exciting word for the academicians, scholars and students. For the reason, it carries reputation and as well as lucrative career. Ph.d also known as Doctorate degree can be done in any faculty be it science, literature, medicine and engineering provided the candidate possesses a PG degree in the respective field.

Ph.d is a complete and comprehensive research process. To understand Ph.d, one needs to understand what  research means. Research means Re-search. We are not going to invent or discover anything new. Instead, We do 'Re-search' in a scientific manner and present it in a orderly way. What do we mean by research accurately?  The Nature contains within itself all the secrets and facts. A researcher, by his/her careful and focused analysis, unfolds the secrets of nature and acquires the facts and put forward them in front of the world. In other words, a researcher finds the the solutions for the problems that being encountered in his/her field - from the nature - in a scientific way.

I qualified for a Ph.d degree in Industrial Engineering when i was just 24 years old. It was on purely merit basis and under the India government fellowship scheme. The name of the university which i got into is ' Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad' , a premier university in East India. It is located around Ranchi and Kolkatta. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I refused to join because of fear, ignorance and innocence during that age. My father was very happy when i qualified for Ph.d and was continuously insisting me to join that but still I was adamant.Eventually his efforts ended in vain. That time, I wouldn't have realized that i had missed a golden opportunity. Now,my father is no more.

A research process or  Ph.d is a very  valuable and responsible task. It is purely a scientific way of exploring the new avenues from top to bottom. There is no room for any unsupported assumptions or philosophies in research work. Even many research scholars are not aware of there is a proper method for research work called 'Research Methodology'. For the understanding of readers, I give the steps of research work(Ph.d) in a simple manner.

Steps of Research Work (Ph.d)

1. Statement and Definition of the research problem
2. Objectives of the research
3. Need for the research 
4. Limitations of the research and its scope and application.
5. Data collection through various methods.
6. Sampling ( Probability or Non-probability sampling)
7. Data analysis and interpretation.
8. Findings of the research
9. Conclusion
10.Suggestions and future of the research work.

It is also to be noted that doing Ph.d requires fairly good knowledge in mathematics especially statistics. Students who completed the Post graduation can opt for Ph.d in the various universities of India and abroad. While doing so, they must be careful in selecting the universities and institutions because there are so many fake universities in India for robbing the money from students. A University and a affiliated institution must be approved and recognized by UGC and AICTE. Universities select the students based on written test and interview or based on NET/SLET/GATE/CAT Examination score. It is very important to note that First Class PG degree is essential for Ph.d.

- Lingeswaran.

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