Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why not money can be eradicated from the society?

There is a common and widespread notion among people that money is everything. But, in real, money is the root cause for all problems, conflicts and miseries at all levels - from family, national and international level. Money is only the token of labour - a simple statement that can be easily comprehended by anyone. We, all human beings, need commodities and facilities to survival. For producing commodities and facilities, we need physical and mental labour (work) of the people.

Commodities are produced, Facilities are made available to the people only by physical or mental work that is rendered by the same people. i.e, people from society. Everyone's life is inevitably interconnected looking in this way. In the Commodities - Labour Chain , money (currency and coins) has been introduced and the monetary system has been incorporated only in order to avoid the inconveniences faced during the various ages of the development of the mankind. But today, as each one witnesses, money/monetary system brings forth lot of chaotic situations in all levels be it social, economical or psychological.

Now, we are living in the computer era - the peak of intellectual development. So, Why can't the monetary system be totally scrapped or eradicated from our life by proper planning and thinking. Some of may say that this idea is impossible & impractical or even ridiculous. But it is only on deep pondering that one will come to know, this plan is practical and highly beneficial to the society.

I will give you a simple example. Now a days, we use debit cards and credit cards to purchase products. How are we doing it? While using these cards, we have no money at all in our hands. (Later, we pay it or the amount get debited. But see how far the system has evolved a change according to our convenience.) The idea of eradicating the monetary system which has been advocated in the above paragraphs is fulfilled to the half - in the case of debit/credit cards. Isn't it? Then, why can't we fulfill it fully? Money can be directly replaced by the human labour for producing goods and services.

I have given a very fundamental, short and preliminary idea only. I request the readers of various disciplines and the scholars of Economics, Sociology and Psychology to consider this idea as a basis and develop it further and provide a elaborate, complete and clear format along with the suitable modifications if any - for the welfare of the entire world society.

- Lingeswaran.

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